My name is Mercedes González, and I’m an English to Spanish translator.

My Services.

This is what I can do for you.

  • Translation

  • Editing

  • Proofreading

  • Adaptation of texts to different reading levels

  • Language quality assurance

  • Translation into Universal Spanish

  • Building termbases


My Specialties.

These are some of the types of text I can help you with.

• Informative brochures about diseases and health conditions
• Informed consent documents for clinical trials/treatment/testing/research
• Letters/information for health plan members
• Patient forms and materials
• Consumer surveys of pharmaceutical products
• Notices of privacy practices/confidentiality
• Healthy eating brochures/guides
• Mental health surveys

• Market research surveys
• Marketing websites
• Product catalogues
• Branding manuals
• Product bulletins
• Product briefs
• Brochures
• White papers
• Letters to prospective customers

• User manuals
• Help files
• Websites
• User interfaces
• Brochures
• Documentation

• Publications
• Research papers
• Program descriptions
• Press releases
• Case studies
• Reports
• Guides/checklists about good practices
• Articles
• Briefing papers
• Itemized budgets for humanitarian assistance projects
• Action plans
• Fact sheets
• Consulting projects
• Guidelines for proposals and reporting

• Parent surveys
• School profiles/brochures/newsletters
• Student handbooks
• Child evaluations/progress reports
• Language teaching websites
• Program information leaflets
• Exchange program brochures/websites
• Press releases
• Test instructions/information bulletins for exam candidates
• Personalized instruction plans
• Individualized education program brochures
• Mentoring program brochures/documentation
• Early intervention reports/brochures
• Documentation about e-learning programs
• Educational technology brochures

A few words

about me.

As a child, I always said I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Although I loved to write constantly, strangely I always wrote about stories I had heard or read, or movies I had seen. I enjoyed recreating things invented by others more than making up my own. Then I learned English and I did the same thing all over again, but this time in my newly acquired language!

This childhood game of mine evolved into a passion that eventually led me to pursue a career in professional translation. I decided to devote myself full time to turning other people’s English texts into their Spanish equivalents. While I take translation very seriously, I guess I could say I never stopped playing with words and recreating texts, which is why I enjoy my job so much!

Today, I feel very lucky to be able to translate and proofread texts on a daily basis. Since 2006, when I earned my degree in Literary, Scientific, and Technical Translation at Instituto Olga Cossettini (Rosario, Argentina), I have spent most of my time creating and polishing texts in Spanish so that they keep the look and feel of their English originals. The journey has been both thrilling and enriching, and I always look forward to the next linguistic challenge.

What sets me apart from the crowd and why am I a good match for your project’s needs?

  • Not only do I hold relevant degrees from prestigious educational institutions in my country, but I also passed the ATA certification exam for English to Spanish translation. This translation exam has a very low pass rate (fewer than 600 translators have passed the English to Spanish test).
  • I have more than 10 years of professional experience, and between 2006 and 2016 I translated over 5.8 million words.
  • I work closely with another ATA-certified colleague in my language pair (Virginia Rech), which means I can offer an integral translation + editing service, or provide recommendations when I am too busy or taking time off.
  • I have an eagle eye for spotting the types of errors you don’t want to see in your oh-so-carefully thought-out materials: typos, double spaces, punctuation mistakes, grammatical errors, etc.   
  • I work with several CAT tools (most frequently Trados, memoQ, and XTM). This helps me keep consistency in my projects and streamline the whole translation process.  

My Partnership

with Virginia Rech.

Virginia and I met in translation school, and we have been collaborating and offering translation advice to each other ever since.

Today, we provide a complete translation + proofreading service, so if you hire me to translate your materials and still need a reviewer to ensure that everything looks print-ready, you don’t have to search any further. Virginia will take care of proofreading and together we will make sure you get a premium-quality translation.

What is

the ATA certification?

The American Translators Association (ATA) is a professional association with over 11,000 members founded to advance the translation and interpreting professions and foster the professional development of individual translators and interpreters. The ATA certification is awarded to translators who pass a three-hour exam. The exam assesses the language skills of a professional translator: comprehension of the source-language text, translation techniques, and writing in the target language.

I’m one of only five hundred translators who have passed the test for English to Spanish translation.

This certification also means that I made a commitment towards continuing my education, because in order to keep my status as a certified translator, I need to take courses every year. This all means that I want to provide the best service possible, all for your benefit.
    Monalisa Roy
  • She is a Reliable, Responsive and Efficient Linguist.
    Monalisa Roy
    Business Management Professional
  • I have worked with Mercedes for several years. She excels at providing English to Spanish translation. She is an extremely responsive and skilled linguist. I am always very pleased with the quality of work she produces and the time frame in which she completes each task. I would highly recommend Mercedes!
    Hanna Golota
    Co-Founder and COO | Globalme
  • I know Mercedes from the Translator Training College. We were classmates and I soon noticed that she was a talented person. Her knowledge of English was very good and she had an interest in understanding other cultures, which I think is key in a linguist. She was and still is kind, smart and a person with solid personal and professional values, and a great sense of humor, which doesn´t hurt either! She is candid and responsible, so that including her in a translation project will definitely equal deadlines being met and any arising issues being solved promptly and efficiently. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
    Francesca Calvo Di Marco
    Certified Translator and Interpreter (English-Spanish)/Creative Writer/Quality Auditor
  • Very professional, diligent, skilled and reliable. Always a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
    Alina Cincan
    MD at Inbox Translation (UK) | Experienced Translator, BA MA MCIL | Helping International Businesses Go Local, Globally
  • Mercedes una traductora todoterreno, meticulosa y hábil como pocas, que cumple fielmente con sus plazos de entrega y tiene una calidad profesional de máximo nivel. ¡No les defraudará! Y yo espero poder tener el privilegio de seguir trabajando con ella por muchos años. 
    Tisha (Leticia) Klemetz
    ATA Certified Translator & Digital Nomad (balance, health and freedom with essential oils)
  • “Top of the line” comes to my mind when describing Mercedes’ translation work. During almost two years I worked with Mercedes, she consistently delivered high quality translation and editing work. Moreover, Mercedes proved instrumental to me in satisfying a mercurial client with her sharp eye for detail, respect for instructions, and great record of details across projects.  
    Marketa Valencia
    Senior Project Manager at SDL
  • Throughout my work as a Senior Project Manager at Language Scientific, I have known Maria Mercedes for over four years. During this time, Maria worked on numerous multilingual initiatives (ranging from medical translation to marketing consulting) within the pharmaceutical industry always delivering high quality work and meeting tight deadlines. Maria established herself as an industry expert, taking on projects that required both high levels of expertise and technical skills. She is fluent in all the appropriate software and has shown initiative in learning new skills and expanding her talents outside of traditional translation work. I highly recommend Maria for any endeavor she chooses to pursue. 
    Natallia Hetmanchuk
    Director, Strategic Accounts at TransPerfect
  • I was preparing my Australian visa application and Mercedes did a great job with all the translations I needed. She was very professional, committed and efficient; we could coordinate all easily despite being at different cities. I really recommend her as a translator! 
    Valeria Paccapelo
    Senior Biometrician
  • We worked with Mercedes a few months ago on a large project — the localization of a platform for buying, selling and trading musical instruments and gear. The job required a great deal of terminology research, attention to detail, and most importantly, creative writing. As the deadline was quite tight, more than one linguist was needed to complete the job on time. Mercedes collaborated seamlessly with the team to ensure the project was consistent throughout. Our client was very satisfied with the final result. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mercedes' services!
    Kristy Kagari Sakai
    CEO at Supertext USA, Inc.
  • I have only worked with Mercedes in an extensive 4 months project, but I hope we can meet on a project again very soon, because her commitment, quality and professionalism makes working with her a pleasure. She is a very valuable translator and linguist; I would not hesitate to recommend her to any organization that requires excellent attitude and quality.
    Romina Baldovino
    MLS Manager at Moravia IT
  • Mercedes is an excellent translator/editor who can always be depended on to deliver excellent quality translations. I really appreciate the level of work she puts into working out exactly what is required of a translation/editing task and I can always trust her subject matter expertise. Moreover, she is great fun to work with.
    Deepan Patel
    Machine Translation Specialist at Milengo Ltd
  • I have been working with Mercedes for many years and have always been fully satisfied. She’s an excellent translator, meticulous reviewer, and has gathered a lot of experience in subject matters such as software and marketing texts. Mercedes is also very reliable and a joy to communicate with.
    Matthias Wegener
    Vendor Manager at Milengo, 2010-2014
  • As a project manager at Spansource and also Pampa Translations I have worked with Mercedes extensively at times for translation projects.Mercedes does very good work and I have never had quality issues with translations that she has worked on. She is very communicative with projects and delivers on time. If there are potential issues with project she always makes me aware of them early on so I can discuss with client.Mercedes is exactly the type of translator/editor I look for when entrusting my projects to a linguist and I give her a strong recommendation.
    Tim Hartling
    Project and Vendor Manager at Pampa Translations



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